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Rep. David Taylor, R-Moxee, talks with Lance Tormey and Dave Ettl on KIT Radio in Yakima about the upcoming 2017 legislative session.

Jan. 7, 2017

It’s great to be back home after a 60-day session and another 20-day special session.  It’s an honor to fight on your behalf for common-sense solutions in the marbled halls of...

April 28, 2016

I value liberty too much to give it up on the altars of convenience and expediency.

Feb. 6, 2016

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Nov. 24, 2015

"Today's actions by the House prove once again that freedom and liberty are not partisan issues," said Taylor. "When we work together we can do great things for Washington citizens."

March 5, 2015

Those of you who know me well know that everything I do in Olympia - every decision I make - is focused on less government, less taxes and more freedom. ...

March 4, 2015

Rep. David Taylor talks with KIT about raising the minimum wage, and the transportation bill.

March 4, 2015

Rep. David Taylor talks with KATS talks about the transportation bill, a 12 cent gas tax, and the one thing voters need to do to forestall a $15 - $27 billion...

March 4, 2015

The 2015 legislative session has begun and lawmakers from the 15th Legislative District have made the trek to Olympia and are working hard on behalf of citizens from the Yakima region.

Jan. 15, 2015

House Republican Leader Rep. Dan Kristiansen, R-Snohomish, named members of 2015 House committees from the House Republican Caucus.

Dec. 19, 2014