15th District representatives say they will continue to fight for two-thirds requirement to raise taxes

Today the Washington State Supreme Court rejected the two-thirds legislative vote requirement to raise taxes as unconstitutional. The Court cited Article 2, section 22 of the state constitution as its reasoning, which states: “No bill shall become a law unless on its final passage the vote be taken by yeas and nays, the names of the members voting for and against the same be entered on the journal of each house, and a majority of the members elected to each house be recorded thereon as voting in its favor.”   Fifteenth District Representatives Bruce Chandler and David Taylor had this to say:   “Though the Court rejected the two-thirds requirement, we can still uphold the people’s will with a constitutional amendment. In every state with the same high bar for increasing taxes, the requirement was put in the state constitution, and not simply statutorily as Washington has done five times in the last 20 years. The people’s approval of the two-thirds tax requirement has increased each time they have been asked, so this is clearly what they want. It’s time we put this in the constitution so the courts and the Legislature must uphold it,” said Chandler, R-Granger.

Chandler and Taylor co-sponsored House Joint Resolution 4206 to adopt the two-thirds requirement as a constitutional amendment that would go to the people for their consideration.   “Sixty-eight percent of our district supported this requirement for the Legislature, and we have heard this loud and clear. Earlier this month, we supported a proposal that would have put the two-thirds requirement in the House rules. The House Democrat majority rejected this, despite the fact that 44 out of 49 legislative districts voted in favor of Initiative 1185. It’s time for the Legislature to listen to the will of the people, and we will continue to fight on their behalf to control spending within our current means,” said Taylor, R-Moxee.   To read more about House Republicans’ proposal to put the two-thirds requirement in the House rules, visit: houserepublicans.wa.gov/news/legislature/amending-rules-for-the-people.


Washington State House Republican Communications