Taylor, House Republicans prepare for battle over suspension of I-960

“We are unified in our opposition,” said 15th District Rep. David Taylor Thursday, as state House Republicans geared up to fight against a Senate bill that would suspend Initiative 960, the taxpayer protection law passed by voters in 2007.

The Senate passed Senate Bill 6130 late Wednesday night, a long-expected first step by majority Democrats that would clear the way to increase taxes. The bill would allow the Legislature to raise taxes with a simple majority vote rather than the two-thirds super-majority required by I-960.

“From the moment it hits the House, we’re going to fight this bill with every procedural weapon at our disposal,” said Taylor, R-Moxee. “The voters sent a strong, clear message when they approved the taxpayer protection act in 2007, and we have an obligation to stand up for — and defend — the will of the people.”

Taylor said the strategy in delaying the bill is to give people more time to review the measure and to let their legislators know what they think about it. The bill is scheduled for a hearing Saturday morning in the House Finance Committee, and could be on the House floor later that day.

“I fully expect that the Democrats’ plan is to run the bill in the dead of the night Saturday or early Sunday morning,” Taylor added. “We will do everything we can to keep the light shining on every step of the process, so people can see what’s happening.”

The major components of Senate Bill 6130 would:

· Remove the two-thirds legislative vote requirement for tax increases;

· Eliminate all public e-mail notifications for tax increases; and

· Eliminate the citizen advisory vote on tax increases.

“By undermining Initiative 960, the Democrat majority is turning a deaf ear to struggling families and employers, and there needs to be accountability for the course they’ve chosen to take,” he said.

Taylor noted that House Democrats have introduced 74 tax and fee bills. Combined, the measures would total an additional $1.56 billion in increased and new state or local taxes and fees.

“At a time when Washingtonians are worried about their financial futures, and we have the highest unemployment rate in two decades, this step toward raising taxes by more than a billion dollars is unconscionable,” Taylor concluded.


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