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Dear Friends and Neighbors,

clip_image001As this legislative session continues to see attack after attack on the liberties and freedoms the majority of us hold dear, a few colleagues and I have decided to focus much of our efforts on what we’re calling “The Freedom Agenda – lower taxes, less government, more freedom!”  There are too many folks within and without the marbled halls of Olympia that think government is the answer – no matter what the question is!  Call me crazy, but I still believe the citizens I represent back home are smart enough to make decisions for themselves, can be trusted enough to keep more of their own money, noble enough to take responsibility for their own actions, and generous enough to help care for friends and family in need.

Yes, state government plays a role in all our lives.  But as government grows larger, our liberties and freedoms shrink. It’s that simple.

Yes, the ACLU and I agree…

For those of you who know me, that headline probably comes as a shocker!  The ACLU and I seldom agree on anything.  But in this case, as I was quoted in a Yakima Herald editorial, “personal liberty and freedom is not a partisan issue.”

Rep. David Taylor listens to testimony in committeeWhy is the ACLU agreeing with me?  I sponsored House Bill 1771 which has to do with drones.  Here’s what the editorial board said:

“Moxee state Rep. David Taylor, R-15th District, has introduced a bill requiring law enforcement officers to obtain warrants when they want to use drones for search and surveillance. The warrants would contain specific information on what law enforcement agencies seek, and the agencies would need to keep records of the drones’ use. The bill also contains protections on the use of extra personal information obtained by the drones. In addition to law enforcement, the bill would cover agencies like the state departments of Ecology, Agriculture, Lands and Transportation.”

That about sums it up.  The president wants to use more drones domestically.  To me, this is a very slippery slope.  It’s not about paranoia – it’s about getting in front of an increasingly common theme of “big brother government” that has to know what we’re doing every minute of every day.

Attack on 2nd Amendment continues

This week in the House Judiciary Committee, several “gun control” bills were heard that continue the assault on your constitutional right to keep and bear arms. If you want to watch the committee hearings, click here.  The bills heard include:

One of the worst bills in this list is House Bill 1588.  It would require background checks on everyone who purchases a gun – even if it is a private sale.  The measure purports to allow law enforcement to do background checks, but committee members were told most law enforcement agencies don’t do background checks for private citizens.  This means dealers would do the vast majority of background checks, even though that can already occur voluntarily.  Dealers typically charge $30 for members of a gun club/shop and $60 for non-members.  However, the bill would cap fees at $20, forcing dealers not to do background checks.  This would effectively ban private sales! (No one refuted this point in the committee!)

I strongly encourage you to stay engaged on this issue.  The other side is not going to go away.  If we’re not vigilant, our children and grandchildren may never know the freedoms we enjoy today!

On that note, last week, there was a 2nd Amendment rally at the state Capitol.  I saw the picture on the right and I had to include it in my e-mail update.  I couldn’t agree more with the sentiments and the generational aspect expressed in this picture!  In fact, if you visit my office in Olympia, you’ll see that same flag flying proudly on my wall!

As always, please feel free to contact my office with any questions or concerns.  And pass this e-newsletter along to friends and family who might be interested in what’s really going on in your state Capitol.

Thanks again for reading my updates.  Serving you in Olympia is an absolute honor.


David Taylor

State Representative David Taylor, 15th Legislative District
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